USS Genesis Crew Manifest 

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Current Player Characters in order of LENGTH OF SERVICE on the USS Genesis:

Name Rank Position
Calvin Marius First Officer
Dr. Julian King Captain
Dr. Sage Brennan Chief Medical Officer
La'kia Sata Kosiite Ambassador of Zahara
Riley Dekker 2O & Counselor
David Michaels Chief Science Officer
Chan Chief Engineer
Ben Park BO Tactical / Security
Thomas McGregor Chief of Security
Tom Jarvis Internal Security
Rovan Moor BO Helm / Security
Allison Fleet Sub-Department Head Cosmology
T'Lali Sub-Department Head Robotics & Cybernetics
Tigress Science
Marishka CIO
Dr. Valleea Medical


Past Player Characters who have played longer than 6 months on the Genesis

Name Rank Position
Fleet Captain Patricia Lewis Captain of the USS Genesis for 9 years
Jessica Underwood Captain's Aide
Hadrian Operations (Bridge Officer)
Alek F. I. Kant Tactical Assistant (Bridge Officer)
Jonathan Shale Engineer & Helm (Bridge Officer)
Ky'Laria Scientist
Dr. Benjamin C. Grey Doctor
Zelda Spellman Security
Sherman Black Engineer
Aleramo 'Bull' Cindian Executive Officer
Elara Xavier Chief Science Officer / Second Officer
Milander Science Officer
Nihalya Javin Counselor
J'kthol Chief Engineer
Charlie Lexiss Chief Medical Officer
Josh McDowell Acting Chief of Security
Azrael Kor Engineering Officer
Shaughn Gorman Engineering Officer
Eric Knox Medical Officer
Craig Smith Medical Officer
Jesse Babcock Science Officer
Mika Saarela Security Officer
Dr. Michael Kirkwood Counselor
Andrew Robinson Chief of Security
Dr. Richard Franklin Medical Officer
Varak Security Officer
Verel Engineering Officer
Sarah Trexel Medical Officer
Jolen Eris Science Officer
Xidian Science Officer
Dr. Baj Duval Civilian Scientist
Keith Duncan Security Officer
Christopher Jones Security Officer

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